Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rainier 2011.....Here we go

Its been a long while since I have posted, but I try to get one glacier peak climb a year. I have already bagged Mt.Rainier, but it was a couple years ago, and hopefully next year I will be able to move on to bigger better climbs.

We start the accent next week, so far from what I hear the mountain is about a month behind schedule, which means there will be more snow than the last time I climbed. Also going with a smaller rope team, only a 2 man team, which traditionally is not recommended, but extra precautions will be taken and I am confident since the Muir route is so well traveled there will be no issues.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Last Night adventure, "On Tracy Lane" in Concert

Well where do I start! A great night at "The Social House" in Soulard. The Band "On Tracy Lane" with much success moved back to St.Louis and we had the priveledge of providing sound for there homecoming show.

This was the first time in this venue, it was about a 2.5 hour set up, with minimal time for a soundcheck. The Band was exceptionally pleased with the system, and had some comments on the sound being among the best they have experienced for comparable settings. Unfortunetly I have to leave for 4 months as the offers were made to become a part for frequently. Hopefully IGNITE will be starting a relationship to do more work in the future!

Also made good contacts with the bar owner, and the acoustic acts that opened, hopefully St.Louis will start to see the talent on how IGNITE is different than any other sound company.

Thanks Dunny for the help on lights, could not have got it done without you!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another week down...

Another week down, My boss has been gone so its been a little hectic around the shop, but we got it all taken care of.

I had the privelage to run sound at a four square church in south St.louis this week. The acoustic player, Matt, had much of the same energy I do when I play which was fun. The sound system had some issues, some of which I went ahead and fixed up for them, and of course they were greatful as they could hear the monitors again! Hopefully I will be doing some more work for them when I get back in July as they venture into this monthly worship night.

Thought I would give a quick update, as tomorrow I will be getting a phone call probably at 3 or 4am, saying grab your stuff and get into work ASAP, gotta love workign for Uncle Sam!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A preview of what you may receive here.

Here is what to expect from me. My life, the big ups and downs, with pictures!

You will hear alot of about music Im sure, and maybe more than you really care to know as I am striving to always learn more about how sound is not something coming from a speaker, its an actual wavelength and wavelength's interact with each other. Hence why some churchs, clubs, bars have amazing sounding sound systems, and others....well we have all been there. BTW- the Kings of Leon cd is solid, I prefer the rest of the songs more than I do the single on the radio.

You may here about my job slightly, but I will probably keep the majority of that off here because reasons, but I do love my job.

You might hear of my frustrations with schooling and trying to get my degree, but my spelling is still bad, but trust me it has gotten much better.

Im sure you will hear about the love of my life and our adventures.

You will hear about spiritual things that weigh on my heart, but this is a growing process and I believe I am somewhat unconventional in some of my beliefs, but God is #1 in this house.

Welcome....I hope you stay a while

If you visiting you obviously know who I am or you have reached the end of the internet. Why would I start a blog only to leave in a few weeks? Well I am supposed to be working on my degree, and decided this would be more fun.

Just to give you a spin up, there is not a whole lot new in my life that I can share publicaly, but we are praying for a safe and short trip for myself in the near future. I just got back from a wonderful trip to see the family, where I over indulged in Aurolio's pizza and "orange pop".

Hope all is well and feel free to subscribe to the blog, as this is cooler than facebook right????