Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another week down...

Another week down, My boss has been gone so its been a little hectic around the shop, but we got it all taken care of.

I had the privelage to run sound at a four square church in south St.louis this week. The acoustic player, Matt, had much of the same energy I do when I play which was fun. The sound system had some issues, some of which I went ahead and fixed up for them, and of course they were greatful as they could hear the monitors again! Hopefully I will be doing some more work for them when I get back in July as they venture into this monthly worship night.

Thought I would give a quick update, as tomorrow I will be getting a phone call probably at 3 or 4am, saying grab your stuff and get into work ASAP, gotta love workign for Uncle Sam!!

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