Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A preview of what you may receive here.

Here is what to expect from me. My life, the big ups and downs, with pictures!

You will hear alot of about music Im sure, and maybe more than you really care to know as I am striving to always learn more about how sound is not something coming from a speaker, its an actual wavelength and wavelength's interact with each other. Hence why some churchs, clubs, bars have amazing sounding sound systems, and others....well we have all been there. BTW- the Kings of Leon cd is solid, I prefer the rest of the songs more than I do the single on the radio.

You may here about my job slightly, but I will probably keep the majority of that off here because reasons, but I do love my job.

You might hear of my frustrations with schooling and trying to get my degree, but my spelling is still bad, but trust me it has gotten much better.

Im sure you will hear about the love of my life and our adventures.

You will hear about spiritual things that weigh on my heart, but this is a growing process and I believe I am somewhat unconventional in some of my beliefs, but God is #1 in this house.

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