Thursday, February 25, 2010

Last Night adventure, "On Tracy Lane" in Concert

Well where do I start! A great night at "The Social House" in Soulard. The Band "On Tracy Lane" with much success moved back to St.Louis and we had the priveledge of providing sound for there homecoming show.

This was the first time in this venue, it was about a 2.5 hour set up, with minimal time for a soundcheck. The Band was exceptionally pleased with the system, and had some comments on the sound being among the best they have experienced for comparable settings. Unfortunetly I have to leave for 4 months as the offers were made to become a part for frequently. Hopefully IGNITE will be starting a relationship to do more work in the future!

Also made good contacts with the bar owner, and the acoustic acts that opened, hopefully St.Louis will start to see the talent on how IGNITE is different than any other sound company.

Thanks Dunny for the help on lights, could not have got it done without you!

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